Merchant Account

Card Not Present

Most business can benefit from accepting payments via phone or fax. Many processors will overcharge for this service. We provide the solutions that will keep prices low and security high.

Our years of experience has shown that most consumers will trust a business who accepts all modern forms of payment. With this trust comes repeat businesses. This has become a reality for mail order business, service businesses; from medical practices to home maintenance, and charity organizations.

Although the bulk of phone and fax orders have originated from certain types of business models, to be successful in today’s market requires that the majority of businesses accept multiple forms of payment, including the ability to process credit cards when the card is not present.

Credit card processing solutions

  • Merchant Processors Credit Card Terminals
  • Hypercom Credit Card Terminals
  • VeriFone Credit Card Terminals FREE Placement Program!
  • Mobile Payment Devices FREE Mobile Swiper
  • Support, Repair, EMV Terminal Replacements

Services to reduce internal operating expenses

  • eCommerce Gateways, USAEpay, NMI
  • Online Reporting Tools
  • Electronic Check Acceptance
  • Pay Roll Services

Opportunities to increase revenue

  • Gift Card Program
  • Loyalty Program
  • Referral Program