VeriFone Credit Card Terminals

Verifone VX510LE Credit Card Terminal

VeriFone Vx510LE

The VeriFone Vx510LE offers the latest, security and reliability advances for your business. It’s optional GPRS broadband connectivity, efficient processing, realiable security processing and high-speed thermal printer are just a few highlights.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Integrated thermal printer that has trouble-free, drop-in paper loading and built-in PIN pad
  • Lightweight, ergonomic easily handed to customers for PIN entry
  • Superior performance for faster transaction processing, including EMV smart card
  • Choice of dial, Ethernet, or wireless connectivity wherever merchants have a power source
  • Multiple payment and value-added applications
  • PCI PED approved, advanced security including SSL

Download PDF of the VX510LE Terminal.
Verifone VX570 Credit Card Terminal

VeriFone Vx570

The Vx 570 countertop solution takes performance to the next power by combining superior speed and power for quick and reliable payment processing with increased memory to support multiple value-added applications.


  • Unrivaled speed and performance
  • Exceptional communications flexibility dial and IP-based
  • Unsurpassed dependability and security
  • Enhanced memory for larger, more complex value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions

Download PDF of the VX570 Terminal.
Verifone VX610

VeriFone Vx610

VeriFone’s RoHS-compliant Vx 610 is the latest in wireless credit card terminals. This terminal provides a wireless solution that delivers blazing performance, high-end functionality, and exceptional ease of use, without tying customers to a fixed location.


  • Lets merchants extend the POS and transactions anywhere, any time
  • Opens new markets from services to outside vendors
  • Ease of use and familiar software speed implementation and reduce costs
  • PCI PED approved and offers end-to- using SSL and other protections
  • Handles even the most complex mag-stripe or smart card transactions
  • Compatible with latest in wireless technologies, including GPRS, CDMA and Wi-Fi
  • Powered by a 32-bit processor

Download PDF of the VX610 Terminal.
Verifone Pin Pad 1000SE

PinPad 1000se

VeriFone’s best-selling, PINpad 1000SE features a revamped ergonomic design and ofers even more versatile solutions for a variety of payment environments. This is the perfect solution for merchants looking to benefit from the rapid growth in debit card transactions.


  • Complete backwards PED approved versions
  • Overall improved enhanced ergonomics
  • Easy connectivity POS devices or ECRs as well as a choice of USB or serial connectivity
  • Uses built-in contactless technology for payments as well as secure PIN-based transactions
  • Compatible with latest in wireless technologies, including GPRS, CDMA and Wi-Fi

Download PDF of the PinPad 1000SE.