Card Not Present

Card Not Present Rates

If you accept payment via fax or phone, you know how high your rates can be. Many processors will overcharge for this service. We provide the solutions that will keep rates low and security high.

Interchange Pass Through Rates: Card Not Present Merchant Accounts


  • Card not Present Credit 1.85% + 10¢
  • Card not Present Check Card 1.60% + 15¢
  • Card not Present Rewards 2 1.90% + .10¢
  • Card not Present Commercial Corp 2.20% + .10¢


  • Merit I Credit 1.89% + 10¢
  • Merit I Check Card 1.64% + 15¢
  • World Enhanced Merit I 2.04% + .10¢

The Interchange pass through rates you see above are some of the most common cards used in a card not present environment. Cards assessed at a higher rate will be passed through at true cost with no hidden fees. For the most current Interchange chart please click the pdf link below or contact one of our Interchange experts for training.
Download PDF
Download PDF